Types of massage: Which one is right for you?

Types of massage: Which one is right for you?

The choice of the right massage method is based on: Your body's load capacity is different every day. - The state of wanting to relax or aching to focus and above all, listen to your body's needs.

The old massage methods can be mentioned: massage with oil (Sweden, India, Hawaiian..), Japanese acupressure (Shiatsu, acupressure with massage sticks), Thai massage (muscle stretch), massage with the use of medicinal herbs (herbs), and foot massage, foot reflexology.

The choice of massage method is largely based on the customer's preferences on whether he wants to use oil or not, the intensity of the massage, the state of relaxation that the customer wants to have. In addition, if you are still wondering about the choice, customers can consider the characteristics of massage methods as follows:


Highly relaxing, some methods combine with hot stones to soothe tight muscles. In addition, the oils used in massage are highly moisturizing, capable of softening the skin after massage, after a period of 60 minutes to 90 minutes, the nutrients can be absorbed into the skin and the oil. The excess will be wiped by the therapist with a warm towel. Commonly used massage oils can be mentioned as olive oil, coconut oil, rice extracted oil, or with more delicate customers can research about the hot or cold properties of the oil to suit each person's body.


Is a method of massage that directly affects the acupressure system on the body by pressing and pressing. Shiatsu massage involves local pressure using the therapist's fingers (or sometimes hands and elbows), applied in a slow, rhythmic sequence along the body. Each point is held for about two to eight seconds.

Effects: Peripheral nerves, musculoskeletal, digestive, immune system

Quickly release aches and pains, relax muscles and reduce pressure on the nervous system. Repelling foreign evils, channeling happiness, regulating and enhancing visceral function, supporting digestion through the meridian system. Depending on the position of the acupuncture points, acupressure promotes effective treatment of various medical problems encountered by the body.

Customers will be dressed in light cotton clothing, the massage is served on the floor with a mattress or on a massage table.


Is a traditional massage technique originating from Thailand, including pushing, pulling, reverse rubbing, straightening, pressing..., most of the activities of the joints, stretching muscles, achieving the purpose of smoothing the tendons and lubricating them, so soften the entire joints being massaged. The smoothly transform from hard to soft pressure and reverse, at the same time, help the body eliminate fatigue quickly, achieve the effect of disease prevention and recovery. comprehensive recovery.

It should be noted that Thai massage method uses a quite strong massage technique, so it will not be suitable for people with severe bone and joint diseases, older people, pregnant women, cardiovascular, and should not eat a full stomach before performing.


It is a combination of massage between herbal bags and traditional Thai massage movements.

This combination is based on the meridian properties of Thai massage and the natural absorption of herbal bags, and the warmth from the herbal bags can soothe sore or tight muscles, which cause by stress and hard exercise.

The ingredients inside the herbal bag usually include Wormwood, ginger, turmeric, ligusticum wallichii Franch, cinnamon, lemongrass, grapefruit skin, lemon,...


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