Understanding about hot stone massage therapy.

Understanding about hot stone massage therapy.

Hot stone body massage services in spas are increasingly being chosen by more and more people for a beauty care as well as relaxation and health treatments.
Since ancient times, people have been known to use hot stones on their bodies to relieve pain and fatigue. Maintained until today, hot stone therapy is getting interested by a lot of people to help improve mental health as well as beauty. In a quiet space, a pleasant scent will make you feel relaxed, and above all, it depends on the care and skill of the therapist. Massage with hot stones is one of the methods to heal aches and pains of the body as well as mental health.
Hot stone massage is performed on a massage bed,  combines smooth stones with natural essential oils, bringing relaxation and comfort to the body. Hot stone massage must be disinfected, heated at the appropriate temperature then being used for massage so that the best effect will be achieved.
Đá nóng sử dụng trong phương pháp massage body
The principle of operation of hot stone body massage therapy
Hot stones being used for massage are the rocks mined from the crater, so they have a high heat retention capacity. The principle of heating the body with different temperatures helps the body's tissues to expand, reducing muscle tension or pressure on the nerves, causing stress and fatigue. The stones will have the ability to store a different amount of heat and are placed according to the acupuncture points, which have the effect of warming the body, thereby dispelling fatigue and helping the body to relax.
Effects of hot stone body massage therapy for health and beauty
- Reduce symptoms of insomnia: There are many causes of insomnia, but the main cause is due to worries, insecurity, stress caused by daily life and unconsciously it is brought into sleep… The stagnation of the mind's Nervous system pulls the acupuncture points inside the body to be shut off, causing blood stasis and slow circulation. Therefore, the treatment methods will move in the opposite direction, from the body to the nerves, the hot stone massage will help the blood circulate more smoothly, thereby making the body feel refreshed, and the body will be able to relax, creating a deep and good sleep.
- Mental balance, reduce fatigue: The hot stone massage has the effect of psychological balance, reducing stress, tension, fatigue, and treating some diseases of bones and joints. This is that the human body always needs a source of heat to warm up, the warmth radiating from the stones has a close relationship with the temperature on the human body, creating a feeling of being protected, healing, and nourishment. 
- Improve skin tone: Especially for women, the use of hot stones in full body massage also helps to make the skin smoother and brighter. Thanks to the hot temperature of the stone, it will dissolve excess fat tissue and safely excrete excess out through excretion, so hot stone also has the effect of reducing excess opening and making the skin firmer.
Above are some effects that can be seen in massage, wish you all a healthy body and mind.


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